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Little Lion Lynnet's

The LJ blog of Lynn E. O'Connacht

Lynn E. O'Connacht

This blog is a mirror for my personal blog, Little Lion Lynnet's. You can comment here or there.

Lynnetbird, n: indie SF/F author most recently spotted in the wilds of continental Europe. The lynnetbird is a shy creature that lives on SF/F fiction, RPGs and music.

Blog Topics

Book reactions: Discussions of my reaction to the books I read. I generally don't discuss books I didn't like.

Film/TV reactions: Discussions of my reaction to the films or tv shows I've seen. TV shows tend to be a combination of live commentary and reflection.

Game reactions: Discussions of my reaction to the games I've played. (Or, wherein I try to pretend to know anything about computer games.) I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer.

Writing: Discussions about writing. This can be anything from thoughts on genre to my experiences with publishing. I may discuss the challenges in writing with fatigue issues or anxiety. I may discuss how to write a particular kind of character. If it's somehow writing-related, it goes. You'll also, obviously, find news on my own works here.

Webserials: Sometimes I run a webserial on my blog. Free fiction for everyone!


If you enjoy my writing and want to send money my way, I have a tipjar. ^_^

A small creature, somewhat like a cross between a sugarglider and a dinosaur, rests above the word 'Tipjar'.